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The 19th century medieval style dandy with putti frame

The 19th century medieval style dandy with putti frame

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On this gorgeous brooch a dashing young dandy poses in his vibrant renaissance inspired outfit, flanked by two silver putti that are holding out their wings protectively over the young man's head. The miniature portrait is made in enamel with great attention to details, his clothes are shimmering in amazingly vibrant red, orange and turquoise while his face is pale - almost white and his hair a fair ash-blonde.

The serious looking guardian angels in silver shapes a perfect frame for the miniature and are wondefully opulent and rich in details. Likely German in origin.

If you look at the last two pictures, you will find a portrait of a young man, ca 1520 - 1530 followed by a portriait of Edward VI as young, ca 1545, both painted by Hans Holbein the younger. In these portrait you can see the style the Victorian makers of this brooch aimed for when they painted the enamel miniature. Nautrally with a little 19th century flair added.

Measures ca 43 x 32 mm. Weight 17.4 grams

New C-clasp and pin attached, in fact this piece may have been the center piece of a necklace or bracelet before it became a brooch. The silver angels have an absolutely perfect patina, enhancing the design. The enamel miniature shows some wear in the form of small scratches, none of them are deep enough tl cut through the colours of the miniature to disrupt the motif. They can be seen in some of the photos where the light hits the miniature in certain angles, but are not noticeable when the piece worn, unless you look closely.

A truly unique piece from the late Victorian era, with the most vibrant and shimmering enamel.

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