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The amber Skønvirke brooch by master Evald Nielsen

The amber Skønvirke brooch by master Evald Nielsen

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A wonderful example of a large silver and amber brooch by the master of Skønvirke, Evald Nielsen. Strong - almost bold - organic shapes moving around the center and reaching out towards the edges, where petals open up to reveal buds of bright orange amber. Stunning, feminine and powerful. 

The gorgeous sculptural silver brooch measures 7.5 cm long and 4.2 cm high. In excellent antique condition, general wear in keeping with age. A little wear around the clasp and pin. 

Skønvirke was a danish design movement with similarities to Art Nouveau in France, Arts and crafts in UK or Jugend in Germany. It was also influenced by the national romanticism that flourished in the years between 1895 and 1925. Skønvirke design is organic with natural abstract shapes and emphasis on handcrafted hammered silver. In many ways the style sprung from a need for rebellion against the mass production that was becoming standard in jewellery design at the time. Many of the designers who took part in shaping the style had originally been scultptors, and you can see their influence in the sculptural style of Skønvirke designs. 

This example bears the marks of the retailer S.L. Jacobsen in Copenhagen who retailed work by Evald Nielsen during the 1910's. 

Evald Nielsen worked between 1905 and 1958 from Copenhagen, he designed all of his own pieces himself, and believed firmly in that the craftsman was best suited to do the design since they knew the material and the craft best. His work won numerous awards internationally and you can find his silver in several well known museums, including the Metropolitan in New York, V&A in London, and of course Kunstmuseum in Denmark. Throughout his life his work was characterized by highly skilled craftsmanship and naturalistic art nouveau designs, and pieces of his making are sought after by collectors world-wide. 

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