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The antique Apollo cameo

The antique Apollo cameo

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The Greek God of sun, poetry and music - Apollo - has been expertly carved into this wonderful shell cameo set in an 18 carat gold frame by Swedish goldsmith Gustav Adolf Cedergren, active in Stockholm between 1844 - 72. Apollo is usually depicted wearing his wreath of laurel leaves. He tied it for himself in an effort to be close to a nymph he fell in unrequited love with - Daphne (the lady much prefered to turn herself into a tree over the prospect of becoming Apollos lover, and he used her leaves for his wreath). The laurel wreath over time became a symbol of triumph, in ancient greek it was awarded to winners in the olympic games, and it is still today used to symbolise successfully reaching a higher education. Apollo also has his lyre on this cameo, it too is often used to symbolise him, he was the God of all mousike (all the arts of Muses) and was considered the inventor of string-music.

The cameo is truly beautifully carved, with wonderful details and in excellent antique condition. No cracks or nibbles and the different layers of the shell has been expertly used to highligh different details like his wreath, his lyre and his toga. Naturally minor wear to the surface and small naturally occuring irregularities in the shell can be found upon close inspection. The frame shows minor wear in keeping with the age, there is a tiny gap between the edge of the carving and the frame at the bottom, and later reinforcements has been made to the inside of the frame to keep the cameo securely in place.

The smooth gold frame is hallmarked for Stockholm, 18 carat and Gustav Adolf Cedergren. The brooch meausures 43 x 37 mm, weighs about 14,5 grams. Closes with a c - clasp. A bale could easily be added for the cameo to be worn as a pendant.

It rests comfortably in its original tooled leather box, lined with blue velvet and white silk. This brooch was originally owned by a lady named Elisabet, who lived in Stockholm between 1843 - 99.

Perfect piece for anyone working in arts, or who simply takes great pleasure in consuming them!

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