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Catalan diamond earrings with acorns

Catalan diamond earrings with acorns

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Amazing antique Catalan diamond earrings modeled in gold and silver. These were supposedly made for the wet nurse of a wealthy family as a part of her payment, while they at the same time were a way for the employer to show off their status. The better earrings your wet nurse wore, the wealthier you would appear. As a tiny nut that can grow into a majestic tree, acorns have come to symbolize for children, or of great potentials in a small thing in many cultures.

These magical earrings give off wonderful sparkle from the old diamonds, they are beautifully modeled with great attention to detail and have a lovely movement thanks to them being articulated. They still have the original back to front fittings and to top it off they end in the most darling little acorns drops with engraved details to the back.

Each earring is set with 33 diamonds in closed back collet setting, some with crimped details. Most of them are rose cut, a few flat cut. Their sparkle stands in bright contrast to the over time darkened silver.

Earrings in this style, with variations, were popular from the end of the 1700's through to the end of the 1800's.  This pair was made in the first half of the 19th century and they are in wonderful condition for their age. Solid, with very minor surface wear. The hinges and clasps shows a little age, but they are still fully functional and secure and none of it is visible when the earrings are worn.

For a larger earring, they are still a very wearable size, 6.2 cm long. Weight a little over 12 grams each, total 24.36 grams. 

When worn the earrings stays in place in an elegant way, thanks to them not being flimsy, but they still have a soft movement. The little acorn in the bottom dangles in a lovely way, making the diamond set in it shoot off sparkles.

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